– Kroger Employees Login Portal – To have a go on the Kroger Employee Login website at, just visiting the address of the website from your favorite browser. Wait for the Kroger Employee Login portal to be loaded properly. The Kroger Employee Login Portal at the helps you to access the stats like schedule, benefits, pay stubs, etc. to the Kroger employees.

Once you visit the, you need to sign in first to that portal. Only your successful login to that portal allows you to access the benefits offered by that portal.  You will need a Kroger Employee Login UserID and Kroger Employee Login user password to login to Your employee ID is the same as that of the userID.

Visit Official Website or Give Feedback Login Procedure Step By Step requires just simple steps to be followed before logging in. Don’t worry a bit about the login steps as we have explained each and every step in a much simpler way. Just have a look at those steps below before signing in to this portal:

  1. First, of all, check all your login credentials properly. In case, you find that you don’t have all the Login details, just visit your HR department and inquire regarding the same.
  2. Now, open your browser and visit the official Kroger Employee Login at website. You can use any browser of your choice, but we highly recommend Google Chrome.
  3. On landing to the home page of the, you will see two text fields that demand user ID and user password.
  4. Just submit those details correctly, check it once and tap the “Login” button. You will be now redirected to the main account home page.
  5. That’s it. Above four steps conclude your  login procedure.

Features of makes it possible for the employees or associates working at Kroger to have a look on the information regarding their job. allows you to access the information like:

    • Pay Related Details
    • Employee Benefit Programs
    • eSchedule
    • Latest information on the Kroger Stores

If you want to access the above information, employees need to sign in to the official website of Great People at is user-friendly to a great extent. By using the above steps, you can sign in to the portal easily and within a few seconds. Kroger Employee Login Troubleshooting

Kroger has made sure that the official portal of the is user-friendly and secure to a great extent. But still, nothing is perfect, and nor is the Kroger. Sometimes, the Kroger Employees face some basic issues which are extremely easy to solve out. Some basic problems and solutions to those problems for the Kroger Employee Login Portal are given below:

  1. The most common errors that users face are entering the wrong user ID and password. Please note that user ID is same as your Employee ID.  Your password is the one that you decided yourself while signing up for the Kroger Employee Login Portal.
  2.  If you want to reset your password then you can easily reset it on the portal. You can also reset your user ID easily on this portal.

The factor of employee ID being the same as that of the amplifies the convenience for the Kroger Employees to a great extent. The password is, on the other hand, a credential that you decide on your own. To create or modify the password, you only need to tap on the small ‘what’s this’ link that is provided next to the password entry space.

A pop-up window will then be displayed on your screen, where you can submit your employee user ID and answer a few security questions before being allowed to create or modify a password. Contact Details

Kroger is extremely focused on making the life of its employees and clients secure and safe. They invest a lot in employee benefit programs, benefits after retirement, benefits related to the education, benefits to the health, and much more. Kroger is improving itself every day and they have a firm belief that in a short span of time they will be best in the world!

In case, you wish to contact Kroger to register a complaint, express opinions and place feedback, you can easily contact the Kroger on the given contact details. Have a look at the contact details below: